Help Save Lindsay Sandiford from Death Row

Lindsay Sandiford faces death by firing squad in Indonesia. After her arrest in 2012, she cooperated with police to secure the arrest of members of the criminal cartel that used her as a drug mule. Despite this, she was sentenced to death. The people whose arrests she made possible were given jail terms of one to six years.

Lindsay, has no previous criminal convictions, no money to challenge her sentence and has been refused funding by the British government.  Contrary to a recommendation from the five Supreme Court judges in London.  The judges said “substantial mitigating factors” in her case had been ignored and there was a “remarkable disparity of her sentence with those members of the syndicate she helped bring to justice”.

Due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding Lindsay’s case, we call on Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond to urgently reconsider his decision and extend funding to Lindsay.

Lindsay only wants justice – all she wants is an opportunity to properly prepare and present her last legal challenge – she needs your help now.